What Hybrid Learning Looks Like

What Hybrid Learning Looks Like
Posted on 12/11/2020
What Hybrid Learning Looks Like

Check out this video to see what hybrid learning looks like! 

We will include more information in the near future as well, as we prepare for second semester. Please reach out to East if you have any questions. 

Watching Log:

:20 Ms. Molitor Intro

1:20 East Essential Protocols

1:55 Appropriate Way to Wear Mask (Masks Must Be Worn at All Times)

2:04 Social Distancing 6-8ft between individuals at all times

2:07 Entering School

-Freshmen & Juniors Enter & Exit using Emmers St Entrance

-Sophomores & Seniors Enter & Exit using Schaefer St Entrance

*Sanitize Hands before entering using Hand Sanitizer Stations located at the Entrance

*Once entering the building go immediately to your classroom 

*Lockers won’t be used

3:16 Classroom Entry

-Grab wipe and go directly to assigned seat, wipe down desk top and seat

-Take out Charged Chromebook and a pair of Headphones

3:41 Passing Time

-Before leaving classroom, grab wipe and wipe down desk

-After leaving classroom go immediately to your next class

-Follow directional arrows on floor and keep social distancing

4:07 Leaving The Building

-After class is finished, grab wipe and wipe down desk

-After leaving classroom go directly to the appropriate exit (same doors you entered) and leave the building

4:28 Schedule Examples

8:33 Hybrid Scheduling Reminders

9:06 Next Steps

Watch the video HERE: