High School Virtual Plus Opportunities

High School Virtual Plus Opportunities
Posted on 10/30/2020
On Monday, November 2, 2020, AASD high schools will begin phasing in opportunities for students in the areas of social-emotional learning, academics, clubs, and athletics in accordance with safety protocols that were established at the start of the school year prior to going to fully virtual learning. We will begin our academic return in three phases based upon academic areas detailed below. Our Virtual Plus Academic Model will have three preliminary phases:
Phase One - will include students who have an identified need in the area of executive functioning skills, social/ emotional support, English Learners, and other academic needs. These students will be identified by site student support teams using both qualitative and quantitative data.  
Phase Two - will offer opportunities for students who need access to equipment and learning resources to help them solidify their virtual learning, again based on data that indicates individual needs.  
Phase Three - will provide limited opportunities for students who have been identified by our student support team data to opt into essential learning experiences in other areas.
All phases will be evaluated and assessed weekly to determine possible phase progressions and until such time as we are able to move into our In-Person Hybrid Learning Model.  
In addition, starting on November 2, optional co-curricular opportunities will be offered outside of the school day. All safety protocols including wearing masks, physically distancing, and using check-in procedures will be strictly followed. Information will be shared with students and families by our activities directors and coaches/advisers moving forward.  
The Virtual Plus model to bring students back is very fluid and can change direction quickly.  Please contact East High School at 832-6212 if you have further questions regarding sports and activities.
Virtual Plus Starting Points For Appleton East
Week of November 2: Academic Groups, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Boys Swimming, Lifting/Conditioning Groups.
Week of November 9: Academic Groups, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Boys Swimming, Lifting/Conditioning Groups, Math Team & Other Clubs (more information coming).
We realize that not every academic group, sport, and club will be part of our initial Virtual Plus model. At this point, our resources and facilities will be stretched as we have implemented multiple COVID-19 safeguards for students and staff. Keeping everyone safe will continue to be our priority. Other clubs and sports will hopefully be brought back in the near future.