Emergency Order on Work Permits

Emergency Order on Work Permits
Posted on 04/02/2020
The Governor has signed an executive order that waives work permit requirements for minors under 16 years old during the public health emergency.

Because this public health emergency has required some businesses to significantly expand or alter their operations and hire new employees to meet critical needs, such as producing critical supplies for health care workers; and, minors serve a valuable function in Wisconsin’s workforce and could help assist with any worker shortages or staffing instabilities during this public health emergency; and many authorized labor permit offices are closed to the public.

Instead, employers can send information to workpermits@dwd.wisconsin.gov including:
 - An attestation that they have reviewed the minor's proof of age and social security documents (but employers should not send us copies of these documents);
 - The offer letter from the employer, and;
 - The permission letter or countersignature from the parent or guardian.