ACT Aspire Score Reports 2019
Posted on 09/16/2019
Dear Parent/Guardian:
In April, 9th and 10th grade students took a series of tests called ACT Aspire. These tests were part of Wisconsin’s expanded high school assessment system. Your student took tests in five areas: English, Writing, Science, Reading and Math. Results from those tests are now available and your child’s individual score report is enclosed.

The ACT Aspire score report provides information about your student’s current strengths and weaknesses in the five subject areas that were tested. The report also includes information about whether your student is on track for high school, college and/or a career. High school students take the ACT Aspire test in spring of both the 9th grade and 10th grade years and the ACT test in the spring of the 11th grade year. This will provide you and your student with a way to check their
progress over the course of time in high school. The school district will use the overall testing results to review its courses in these subject areas.

While assessment scores like these are valuable pieces of information for you, your student and the school system, these scores are only one source of information about student achievement. Other sources, like course grades, classroom assessments, and teacher feedback, help create a more complete picture of your student’s achievement and progress. Consider these other sources of information along with the ACT Aspire scores presented in this report.
   -Additional information about some of the details of the enclosed ACT Aspire student score report can be found on the backside of this letter.
   -Two guides that provide additional information about the content and meaning of your student’s ACT Aspire score report are available to download from the ACT Aspire website:
         “Understanding Your ACT Aspire Results”
         “Interpretive Guide for Aspire Summative Reports”

If you have questions about the report, please contact me at weissepaul@aasd.k12.wi.us. If you have questions about your student’s performance in a specific subject area, please contact your student’s classroom teacher.


Paul Weisse
Associate Principal