Parking Permits

Junior and Senior students wishing to drive a vehicle to school and park in the school parking lot will need a parking permit. 

These permits are $5.00, which covers the cost of the permit. One parking permit per family will be issued so if you have multiple vehicles you will need to transfer your permit between them. All cars and their plates must be registered on your application form. 

Parking Permit Application

Students must bring their driver’s license and vehicle plate number to fully fill out the form.

Priority will be given to Junior and Senior students for parking permits.  Parking spaces are limited and will be reflected in the amount of parking permits we are able to grant to the Juniors and Seniors. 

IF there are permits available after the Junior and Senior permits are issued, Sophomores MAY be able to purchase one on a first come, first serve basis.  We will communicate with the entire student body if this is the case. Street parking is available on nearby streets for those students that do not have a permit.

Having a parking permit is a privilege.  Students who are suspended in or out of school may have their permit removed.  If a student receives a detention, they must serve their detention in a timely manner as agreed upon by Administration or they may also have their permit removed.  Excessive tardiness may result in having this permit removed.  It may also be revoked by the School Resource Officer or Administration as deemed appropriate.