Scholarship Information

As scholarship information comes into the counseling department, the information is compiled and posted in the counseling department and next to student services in the glass cases.

Students are notified of the scholarship postings via school announcements. Students are responsible for listening to announcements and checking the scholarship list.

Community Foundation for the Fox Valley

The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region website lists scholarship opportunities by high school. Click the link below for a full listing:  Scholarships managed by the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley for Appleton East Students 

Check the names of the scholarships carefully as there are a few that are very similar in name but different in application process. All applications must be received in the Community Foundation deadlines.

Update from Community Foundation for the Fox Valley

The Community Foundation of the Fox Valley Region has about $1 million in scholarships available for students from 60 schools, covering a wide range of fields of study. Thanks to generous donors, this year they will have $1 million in scholarships available.

Too often, area students either don’t know about the scholarships we offer or feel they don’t have the financial need to qualify. Many of the 170 scholarships don’t require financial need, or superior academic performance. The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley succeeded in awarding a record $1.1 million in scholarships to 314 students in 2016, but some scholarships go unclaimed!

Apply Now! See What's available at your school: 

Most applications are due March 1, 2022. Click HERE to access an informational flyer.

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Local Scholarship Information

For a comprehensive scholarship list please see monthly documents below. Scholarship lists are updated monthly or as quickly as we receive information on new scholarships. For the 2019-20 Scholarship Lists to reference past opportunities please stop in the office and see your school counselor.