Financial Aid & Scholarships

As scholarship information comes into the counseling department, the information is compiled and posted in the counseling department and next to student services in the glass cases. Students are notified of the scholarship postings via school announcements. Students are responsible for listening to announcements and checking the scholarship list. 

Financial Aid Resources

Federal Student Aid
The Department of Education gives away more money than any other institution. Many colleges require this application before they give away money themselves.


FAFSA4caster is a companion piece to the official FAFSA on the Web.  The free FAFSA4caster tool will assist high school juniors and their families in the following ways:

  • Instantly calculate an estimated Estimated Family Contribution
  • Inform the student of potential Federal Pell Grant eligibility
  • Reduce the time needed to complete the FAFSA when the student applies as a senior

Financial Aid Information by the Federal Department of Education
This helpful resource is origin for most financial aid.

Financial Aid Calculator
Calculates estimated family contribution.

A large search engine for financial aid.
A search engine for scholarships.

Military Scholarships
A guide to military scholarships and college opportunities.

College Answer
Paying for college and other great information. 

Great Lakes - Finding Money for College
Provides help completing the FAFSA

Looking for help with scholarships and financial aid? Find scholarships on the Scholarship Information page, at the Community Foundation of the Fox Valley, the college you will be attending, and at places of employment.

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