Updated Masking Expectations

Co-curricular Winter Mitigation Strategy
as of November 3, 2021

Please do not hesitate to call your building Athletic Director if you need more clarification.

For all AASD Co-Curricular activities, which include athletics and performing arts, participants will be allowed to go mask optional while actively engaging in exertion activities. This will include practices, rehearsals, games, performances, conditioning and fitness room activities both before and after school.

○ Ex 1: Student actively wrestling on mat can be mask optional.
○ Ex 2: Students waiting on the sideline of basketball practice must be masked.
○ Ex 3: A musical performance on stage is considered an exertion activity.
○ Ex 4: Pep band participants can be mask optional while performing.
○ Ex 5: Backstage cast or crew members or musicians who are not actively performing must be masked.

Co-Curricular coaches, advisors, spectators, game staff and all students not directly involved in the game, performance or exertion activity must remain masked if they are not actively participating in the event.

○ EX 1: Players on the bench must be masked.
○ EX 2: All must be masked in locker rooms and other areas of the school.