Our yearbook club is working hard to facilitate a yearbook this year, regardless of sports occurring or being in person. It will have a summer distribution date, sometime in late July. Be on the lookout for monthly picture challenges, announced via Canvas.

The Lantern, yearbook for Appleton East High School, is a collection of articles and photographs concerning school events and activities. It includes group and individual class photographs that have been taken throughout the school year.

Since the yearbook is compiled and edited by the Lantern staff as a student venture, it becomes the responsibility of each student to ensure its success and perpetuation. Any and all students who are interested in writing, artwork, layout, or photography are urged to join the Lantern Staff.

The Lantern may be received through the student activities plan or it may be purchased separately early in the school year at a nominal cost. All students are encouraged to consider buying this excellent review of the school year.

Attention Senior Class of 2021 - Photo Information

Need to submit photos?

If you only have access to a print copy of the photo, it must be scanned and emailed in or a
photo CD can be mailed or turned into the business office:
Attn: Yearbook
2121 E. Emmers Drive
Appleton, WI 54915

Yearbook Photo Deadline