Attendance Update/Information

Attendance Update/Information
Posted on 09/29/2020
Attendance InformationFamilies, we are working hard to make virtual learning accessible, engaging, efficient and effective. We have some ongoing attendance concerns and discrepancies we need to resolve.  Students utilizing the check in feature and staff monitoring their participation in Canvas helps us to establish the most accurate attendance record. 

As a parent/guardian, you can view your child’s daily attendance after 6pm. If a student does not check in for any assigned courses and does not attend a synchronous learning activity during the day they will be marked absent. 

If your child has an unknown absence we encourage you to discuss the absence with your child and reach out to that teacher for clarification. Your child’s teacher will have the ability to view evidence of participation in Canvas that occurred outside of the scheduled course time and update attendance the next day. If your child does not check in, does not complete work in CANVAS and the parent does not contact the school, the absence will be unexcused.

You will be able to view any updated attendance after 6pm the following day.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility while we navigate virtual learning and attendance taking. As always, feel free to contact the school with any questions.

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